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The Mini-Max Rotary Corrector is a full featured Mini-Max (or Mini-Max AT) electronic gas volume corrector specially adapted to direct mount to various rotary meters. The Rotary Corrector uses a sensor to collect input volume pulses from the sensor well of the rotary meter. The Rotary Corrector functions in much the same manner as the standard Mini-Max or Mini-Max AT. A PC (desktop or laptop computer) is needed to configure and download the Rotary Corrector using MasterLink32 software.

In addition to its small, sturdy case, the Rotary Corrector offers these and other features:

  • Integral design, i.e. Instrument drive not required
  • High-performance, low power microprocessor
  • Extended battery life
  • Audit Trail memory capacity (40 days of daily or hourly)
  • FLASH memory (hence, no plug-in EPROMs)
  • Field programmable firmware updates
  • Two Form-A outputs for Volume and one Form-A output for Alarms
  • Software selectable Pulse Widths for volume pulses
  • Serial port (CMOS) with automatic baud rate settings (optional RS-232 port)
  • High-speed data transfers (up to 38.4 kbaud)
  • On-board surge protection for serial & pulse data
  • Field replaceable Alkaline batteries
  • Electronic uncorrected volume backup

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